Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Another Possible New ASIC From Bitmain?

Now I would take this with a  pinch of salt but today I have seen 4-5 blogs or crypto mining news sites that are reporting Bitmain will be releasing another ASIC miner to mine BTM today. Rumours have it will hash at around 730H/s and only draw 360 watts of power but will sit at a staggering $2700.

A few things confuse me with this story, Bytom today will just release their mainet and they are partnered with Bitmain, so is this a good thing to have ASIC's released on day one of mainet launch?

Secondly only a few blogs are featuring this story and cannot find any "official" information anywhere on ASIC release?

Bytom is currently only on Poloniex

Great post about Bytom

Bytom Official Website

Bitmain Official Website

Dear subscriber,
We are proud and happy to announce that we are launching the all-new Antminer B3, a new Antminer model for mining Bytom, at 11AM (25 April, GMT+8).
The Antminer B3 can deliver a hashrate of 780H/s while consuming 360W of power.
Click here to learn more or to place your order after the scheduled time of launch. Correct price will appear after the scheduled time of launch.
We wish you all a happy mining experience.

The Bitmain team

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