Sunday, 8 April 2018

Details Of Bitmain Antminer E3

I really thought I had already posted about this as I have been very animated on Facebook and Twitter in regards to this miner. So here is my one line opinion, unless you have free electricity this is definitely not worth the hassle.

First some details, the Antminer E3 from Bitmain is a new ASIC which will mine Ethereum which for a long time has been only mineable from GPU's. It will mine at 180MH/s using 800 Watts which in all honesty I really do not think is enough to make a real good return compared with their other ASICs. By the time you receive your E3 in July the returns are going to be very poor indeed and you will be left with an oversized door stop, not to mention if Ethereum did plan to fork

That's my other issue, why is this miner so damn big? Its like two L3's stuck on top of each other, and then also only 180MH/s? To me that is extremely poor for an ASIC, when GPU's were at normal price I wouldn't have been surprised if you could build a GPU rig to out perform that.

As you can tell I am not impressed by the miner in the slightest, but the way of the crypto world people will buy these as its something "new". Personally I'd rather go and spend $1800 on buying some Bitcoin

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