Sunday, 15 April 2018

How To Mine ASIC Resistant CryptoCurrency PURK

We have been strongly talking recently about ASIC resistant cryptocurrency first was being Raven (RVN) and then secondly in detail about Monero hard fork to avoid Bitmains newest and most worthless ASIC miners. To continue this trend we have been looking and another cryptocurrency has popped up with some key features that in all honesty we do not see from new coins anymore

Official PURK website
Mineable Crypto
No Pre-mine, Instamine or ICO
CPU + GPU mineable
Wild Keccak algorithm

That little list right there got my attention, so I decided to look into a bit further and get mining. If you are looking for a brief description of what they are trying to achieve it is here

What is Purk?

Purk was created to help content owners and service providers monetise their website or application by accepting quick and easy micropayments from their users or customers. Website users can send Purk to a content owner or service provider to show appreciation for their hard work.
By sending micropayments as a donation, it highly reduces the amount of monetisation that is needed on a website. Instead of using intrusive adverts, affiliate links, pop ups and sponsored posts, website owners can install the Purk Button and accept quick and easy payments to monetise their content or service instead. Not only does this reduce the amount of promotional clutter on a website, it also reduces costs on content writing and saves time by allowing your customers to tip/pay your writers or employees directly.

 First step I would go and get yourself a PURK wallet, install and sync so you are ready to store your
mined. This can be found on the official website when you click downloads, it is available for nearly all operating systems

Next up I tried to download the official miner which I could not download, like most mining software I just had connection issues and trojan reporting issues. I checked the Bitcointalk thread to find people can use CCminer so I downloaded and set this up.

Download CCminer here

I created a BAT file to start CCminer and start mining PURK, simply place it in the CCminer directory, right click and edit. Then change the username to your current PURK wallet address and it will start mining with your GPU. Download here

The BAT file is setup to mine at the official pool

I haven't included CPU mining as if you can mine with your GPU I really think there is no point. I will continue to try and get the official miner working but at the moment the easiest was CCminer

Managed to get the official miner working and packaged into my own rar file and put start.bat files into the package. Mineable at two pools, the official pool and Fair pool just edit the bat file and change your username to your PURK address

Please note to check the official miner for version uplaods as my mediafire link will not be updated after this version

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