Wednesday, 25 April 2018

How To Mine XHV Haven

Like our RVN post everyone is going mad for Haven and I honestly have no idea why but we will tell you how you can get mining it with your GPU or CPU

First things first
Get the wallet from the official website
Next get the best Haven miner from the github

Put them both into a folder and open the wallet and create your new account. Don't forget to write the seed down somewhere safe. Once its created in the settings start the local node and get the wallet up to date and fully synced

Now open up the miner

XMR Stak is nice and easy to follow, just follow the onscreen instructions. Anything you are not sure of just select no.

When selecting a mining pool I recommend it seems to be the most popular.

So input for the pool address, it does have different ports for CPU mining and multiple GPU rigs

Your username will be your wallet address that you have created within haven wallet. Click receive and copy and past that address into XMR stak

Password x

Then its up to you if you wish to create a worker name. The that is it you should be mining away now, input your wallet address on the website to lookup your stats

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