Monday, 9 April 2018

Rent My Rig & Many Others With Mining Rig Rentals

A Lot of people use Nicehash to rent or sell renting power due to how easy it is, but did you know you are not always receiving the best rate? Mining rig rentals is something which I have recently switched to because of the better rates selling and buying hashing power. On top of that I find the website a lot more user friendly than Nicehash which can sometimes be confusing to work out or calculate.

Mining rig rentals list the available miners in an easy to follow and cost efficient list making sure you will always get the best deal for you you can see this from the image above. From a sellers perspective I personally like it as I can set my own price for what my miner will sot me to use, so I can make sure that I will always minimum cover my electricity costs.

The other question I had, what will my miner do while its not rented? Well luckily for us they have actually thought about this and you setup your mining pools within Mining Rig rentals so while your miner isn't rented it mines at the pools you set it. Much like you would if you was setting up your miner normally without rentals

Go and check it out here

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